For Professional Interior Design Service  RAEWYN WARD-WELCH  is available to help you with any aspect of your project no matter how large or small.   An Interior Designer's involvement in a project varies depending on what is required.
Some people want a Designer to deal with all the decisions details and project management in order to take the hassle of the whole process away from themselves.   Alternatively a client may want to make all the choices themselves and then discuss ther decisons with the designer to confirm they are on the right track.
Most projects fall somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.

Raewyn will visit the property with the clients so she can discuss in depth their requirements including short and long term plans, time frame, budget etc.

She will listen to clients in order to learn their tastes and preferences.   It can be really helpfull if clients can put together a scrap book of Interior pictures so she can discuss their likes and dislikes.   It is important for her to understand the clients lifestyle for now and the future.  Then together, both create spaces that practically and aesthetically meet current and long term goals. 
Raewyn believes Interior Design isn't just about what a room looks like but rather that the room preforms all it's required functions well, while appealing to your senses.
She will use all the information she has to create ideas and will develop exciting cohesive designs that we know you will love. It will be a home that expresses your own needs and personality and NOT the Interior Designer's.

Consultation Fees :  $ 120    for the first hour.DSC00965.JPG     $  90     per hour following the first consultation.

Clients will be pleasantly surprised as to how much Raewyn covers in the first one hour consultation.

Don't hesitate to call Raewyn and chat with her about your project on 068778005

Raewyn is extremely creative. She has established a small handcraft business aboutrooms.  As well as her Interior Design and teaching skills she paints, restyles furniture and enjoy sewing projects. She has created some gorgeous cushions and pillowcases that are showcased here below.